Plusixy bullion

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Plusixy offers e-platinum, e-gold and e-silver coins. Our e-coins are designed to give investors dividend return and investors stands to benefit from the rising bullion prices. The dividend return is backed by a guaranteed 20% annual return for e-platinum coin, 15% annual return for e-gold coin and 10% annual return for e-silver coin.

Dividends are paid quarterly i.e. four times in a year (March, June, September and December). Investors can invest anytime of the year. Dividends are paid in coins and can be withdrawn by paypal or bank transfer.

What is Plusixy coin?

Plusixy coin is a virtual bullion coin. Plusixy coins is an investment product that offer investors a guaranteed return and investors can speculate on the bullion prices to gain more profit as their prices continue to grow, the more profit investors make.

Investment strategy

Plusixy investment team have 20years of combined experience in fund management with a focus on three areas which are IT innovation, Fast moving consumer goods companies and Travel companies. We invest mainly in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America and Eastern Europe.


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